Eastman Audition

Tomorrow is the first day of many. Me and Heather will meet at 8:45 and proceed to Kilbourn Hall with all the other auditonees, it will be kind of fun. I think tomorrow is supposed to be a rather large audition day, so that will be interesting. It turns out that my auditions are kind of in order of importance...Eastman first, which is perfect: great way to try out all of my audition rep and get instant feedback from people I know. NEC is next...I really don't want to go there. Then Rice, which I have kind of lost interest in, but once really loved. Then the big one: Juilliard. I have a month to build up to it...I hope it goes well. I'm kind of nervous for it already. Then Mannes at the very end...a nice little wind down to the insanity. But whatever...tomorrow is the first of many...wish me (and Heather) good luck!

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