Lower Your Voice

Kimberly and I left the Superbowl Party early and ended up getting a private showing of Transamerica at the little. The entire theatre was pretty abandoned...when we came in they had to tell the guy what movie so he could go up and get it ready. Main thing to love about this movie: Felicity Huffman...I will admit that I am a bit biased (since she is actually Lynette from Desperate Housewives) but she is so fun and quirky and lovable in this movie...Definitely my pick of the Best Actress noms...I know some see Reese as the chance to break the deglam trend, but Felicity's performance does actually warrant a win (sometimes deglam perfs are actually good: Charlize in Monster...sometimes deglam perfs are really bad Swank in Million Dollar Baby). I understand the need to end awarding actresses for dressing down, but can't we just end the streak next year? It would be so nice to let Felicity have her Oscar, its probably her one and only chance. The movie wasn't my favorite thing ever...ended up being a bit draggy in a few places, but all in all it is VERY fun and VERY entertaining and Felicity is a joy...still can't stop laughing about the one dollar bail "I can't possibly afford that..."

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