Audition #1 Complete

My audition was sooo intense. They heard the entire Bach prelude, most of the first movement of Ligeti, the entire second movement of Ligeti as well as the first page of the Dvorak. I think I actually played fine...Ligeti was not very good, but was much better than it has been before, so I'm on the right track! My aural skills interview was hilarious. You try sight singing and playing piano etc when you haven't done any of it for trillions of years...I asked the person if I should just leave at one point and she said that I should really keep going...so there must be some really bad applicants out there. And I can't believe I forgot to say that Sara's recital was completely amazing. She looked gorgeous and sounded gorgeous too! Yay Sara!!


paul said...

Who interviewed you for aural skills?

OhMyTrill said...

Jeanie G