Lamb This Week

While this may be a blatant rip-off of a similar weekly blog entry at another blog, here is a recap of important things that happened this week (at least to me). And its also an excuse to push this new supercool expression. 1. Louis Andriessen: After two concerts at Eastman featuring his music and music inspired by his composition, you can't help but love him. And I hear that he is super nice (even though I didn't get to play his music and thus didn't get to meet him...sad day). 2. Bang on a Can: You can't help but love the minimalist pop pieces inspired by the above mentioned composer. Check out works by Michael Gordon, Julia Wolfe, and David Lang. 3. Brad Lubman: He was able to throw together both Rite of Spring and Andriessen's La Passione in only two weeks, and both sounded really good (not that I was playing in either of them...oh wait, I was.) Its no wonder they say, "All Hail Brad Lubman" (and he has even been known to read this blog from time to time...so I'm not sucking up to him or anything...) 4. Sasha Cohen/Irina Slutskaya/Shizuka Arakawa: The leading ladies of figure skating. Lots of hype for a Russian sweep that didn't happen, lots of hype for an American upset that didn't happen. Japan silently sneaks in and takes gold. 5. Geeta Abad and Boston: Don't you love it when you meet up with an old friend you haven't seen for a long time and really have an amazing time in a really amazing city? Thought so. NOT-Lamb? New England Conservatory and Paul Katz. Grungy and nasty school combined with a VERY tacky encounter makes for a not good experience. Tags:, , , , ,,


kittymonster said...

Kittymon-dster is so full right now.

I am just randomly leaving you a comment.

Geeta said...


I love it when I meet up with an old friend and nothing has changed...we still joke in the same style of humor as we did when we were 17 and either that's a sign that we've not grown up or that we've grown up and stayed true to our roots...probably more of the former haha. I saw a breathtaking performance of Schoenberg's Gurrelieder tonight at the Boston Symphony...just amazing. And I'm playing a cool Schnittke piece next week on our contemporary ensemble concert called Stille Musik for cello and violin - check it out, I think it's "lamb." :-) Talk to you soon!