Concert and Lisa

Concerts: Rite of Spring was a huge success. I'm so happy that I was able to play in it and it was soooo fun. It was probably my last concert with Philharmonia, so that was kind of sad, and it was also my last concert on the Eastman Theatre stage (whatever that means). At least it was good and it was one of my favorite pieces...good way to go out! Andriessen's La Passione is an interesting piece. I seem to be the only person who didn't really like it...there were some very good sections, but over all it didn't do it for me. The singer was VERY interesting though...she was very passionate about the music (or at least appeared to be to the audience!). Of course it was well played...especially the very high and exposed oboe duet! Movies: Watched Happy Endings. This movie deserved much better than it got from me. I watched it bit by bit over the span of two weeks. Perhaps over the summer I will give it a proper viewing. I would have never even known about this movie had it not been for Nathaniel. I can't believe that Lisa Kudrow didn't get any notice for this role. I think it may have been my favorite performance of the year (passing Felicity in Transamerica). She was able to completely make us forget about a character that she played for ten years (on Friends) and become completely new...and give a fully realized and thoughtful performance. That is a pretty huge feat. Go her. And see the movie, its really good. Tags:, , ,
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