Audition Journal: Day 1

5:00pm. (approx) Philharmonia finishes rehearsing Rite of Spring. David Picks up dry cleaning. 8:00pm. Lauren Radnofsky gives an amazing recital featuring solo cello + electronics. "Very Badly Performed" receives great reviews. Brad Lubman's piece is a success. Brian Sanders loves the distortion in Michael Gordon's "Industry." 9:30pm. (approx) David Sara and Kimberly are bored by ice dancers skating to the same music over and over again. 10:59pm. David realizes that his cello is still in his locker at school. He also realizes that the school closes at 11pm. He then realizes that the school does open until after his flight leaves tomorrow morning. David then sprints to school to get his cello while people are still leaving. 11:20pm. (approx) David attempts to go to sleep and dreads waking up at 3:30am for his flight to Boston.

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