Audition Journal: Boston

I officially got sick of writing entries in the form of a time-list, so here is a normal one. Boston is fun. It is fun to visit with Heather Wittels and I will be seeing her this summer at Tanglewood! Yay! Her parents are sooo nice (I have my own room here with this amazing inflatable sofa-bed...so comfortable). Tomorrow I need to seriously find a gift for them. Highlight of the trip so far: seeing Geeta!! We had tons of fun tonight remembering old Ravinia stories (mainly about how she basically killed Cam) and just being goofy in general. She has a super cute apartment with an amazing location and is living it up to the fullest in Boston! Me and Sunny went out for a beer to the Boston Conservatory hangout: Woody's. I wish Eastman had a nice little bar really close to the school that we could all hang out at...we have to walk all the way to the Toad for a nice place to sit and chat. Hmmm... I checked in with the other Heather (Braun) and it sounds like things went well for her at her auditions! Too bad we didn't meet up, but I'm sure we will be seeing tons of each other in the future (especially in the next few days recording the Ply...omg=so scared). Wish me luck on my audition tomorrow...I'm not terrible nervous or anything, so that probably guarantees that I will be beyond horrendous at 4:12. Me and sunny plan on going to H+M afterwards!

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GOOD LUCK with the audition!