It is easy to convey lots of information in the form of a list. So here goes: 1. Houston weather is amazing. I spent yesterday wandering Rice village in a t-shirt and shorts. So there. 2. Audition went pretty well. Bach has been better, Dvorak has been better. But overall, it was pretty solid, I guess. Ligeti went really well...not really sure how that happened. Norman Fischer thinks that I should start with Ligeti instead of Bach...which is the opposite of what everyone here told me...we'll see. 3. The Galleria is a really really big mall in Houston, and they have a Versace, Gucci, and Louis Viutton (with men's clothes) there. Its pretty crazy. 4. Indian food in Rice Village is good. 5. We found a small fountain of a pig spitting water and were moved to take a picture with it. A nice lady came by and took one for us, afterwards posing the question, "was that too much pig for you?" 6. Margaritas in Rice Village are good. 7. Diagnostic tests in Rice Classrooms are not good, especially when you have to name countries and dates of tons and tons of pre-Barouqe composers. 8. I want to go back to Houston weather. 9. Can't really think of anything else. Tags:, , , ,

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