More Comments in General

1. Its fun and easy to leave blog entries in the form of a list. 2. I am done with all of my grad apps. I just mailed the supporting materials for Rice in today and decided to can the Northwestern app. I realized that I would rather go back to Eastman than go to Northwestern, so I guess Chicago is not in my future. Oh well... 3. I have a lesson with Norman Fischer on Jan 10th 11am...now I just need to buy a plane ticket and get down there! {and practice a lot} 4. Me and Alison and maybe Ruth will be hanging out on New Year's Eve...should be a rocking good time. 5. I saw Heathers last night. This movie is really hilarious in a really strange way. It has a lot of the same elements as Mean Girls (although its very 80's) focusing on high school clicks and such...however, it is a much darker and thoughtful film, I think. They both hold a high place in the category of "Teen Comedy." 6. Heathers is Highly Recommended. 7. I'm wearing a new sweater today. My mom and dad gave it to me for the holidays. 8. I think that we only celebrate something known as "The Holidays" now in my family. We had a Christmas Eve gathering with my mom's side of the family where we all opened presents and such and on Christmas Day we had over my mom's and dad's family for a Christmas/Hanukkah gathering. Nothing remotely religious happened at either event. Therefore, I think its just general holiday cheer. 9. We haven't lit Hanukkah candles once this year. Last year we did it for like 4 out of the 8 nights. oops. 10. Today I saw Munich with my dad. I thought this movie was pretty crappy. It was very very long and didn't have nearly enough material to fill the 3 hour length...maybe more like one hour. My dad thinks I didn't like it because I can't identify with the events its about (the terrorist antics at the Munich Olympics) and I guess I can't really. The movie isn't really sure if its about Terrorism, about Judaism, or about finding someplace to call home so it tries to be all of these things and fails them all too. Not to mention that the acting is nothing more than adequate (Eric Bana...whatever). About one hour into the movie I started hoping it would be over...and it wasn't for a long time. Munich is not recommended. 11. I should practice. 12. Miss you all!!


Comments in general

1. I need to post more often...however, the internet here is possibly the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life, making it somewhat difficult to make frequent posts. 2. You should join the new group on facebook called PS. I love that shirt on you. I think you can probably figure out what the group's focus is. 3. I have become obsessed with Will&Grace. I have moved on to season three after watching season 2 in the span of 1 week. 4. There are waaaaaay to many cookies, cakes, candies, and nuts sitting around the house. How am I ever supposed to maintain my figure with all of this horrible food around (not that any of you want me to maintain my current figure...haha...could afford to lose a few) 5. I am also getting sick of Will&Grace at the same time as being obsessed with it. I am taking a detour to teen comedies: Heathers, Bring It On, and Clueless have moved to the top of my netflix queue. Should be fun. 6. In response to the cookies, cakes, candies, and nuts I have been going to the gym more often. 7. Madonna helps. 8. I met Alison for dinner last night in the city (had Thai) and we went to the Hothouse. This is a very cool place for jazz and contemporary music type things. Last night was a guitar duo...not my favorite music, but interesting no doubt. 9. The HotHouse has very fun martinis. 10. My dad makes a good martini. 11. Went to Olive Garden for my grandmother's birthday (since she rejected Thai, and my mom vetoed the nice Italian restaurant because it was too expensive {sidenote: this is the same restaurant that I got violently ill at freshman year after eating lobster ravioli...needless to say I was not unhappy that we didn't go there}). The service wasn't the greatest, but my dad started flipping out and lecturing the waiter etc etc...we ended up getting free martinis. 12. The Rice application and Northwestern application are not doing themselves. 13. I need to do them tomorrow. 14. And practice is becoming very very important (as if it wasn't before)...it needs to happen...a lot. 15. The end.


This Just In

For the first time in the history of my existence...I got straight A's on my report card!!!! And we aren't talking any minuses here...I somehow managed to pull off an A in linguistics...mainly thanks to Sara (but we don't need to get into that...). OMG! Just finished season 2 of Will and Grace...on to season three...I must say that the last few episodes were rather uninspired...but Karen was barely in them, so what can I say? And you have to love the Piper Laurie cameo (Catherine from Twin Peaks!!!). Went shopping with my mom...bought a new coat and new dress shoes...very interesting I know... And don't see the Broken Hearts Club...its basically Queer as Folk, but shorter and boring. So there.


Today is Not Kwanza

...actually, I have no idea if it is or isn't... Merry Christmas to you all!! You are all amazing! OOC!


The Eve

Christmas Eve was good...we did presents tonight, since tomorrow is the First Day of Hanukkah/Christmas bash...should be interesting. Got a nice sweater zip up thing (and my mom actually bought me a small!) and an alarm clock that you can plug an iPod into...so I can wake up to Tehillim (or whatever I want) every morning! We will see how that goes...I may need to go back to the horrendously loud alarm that shakes the building when it goes off...or better yet, maybe I should give it to Kitty!!! I also got another sweater that was too big...I was just going to return it, but my uncle stole it and I just lost a present...sad... Watched Down With Love tonight...which is soooo much fun. I think I may need to consider buying this movie! I guess its terribly cheesy, but how can you resist the epic costumes and the constant choreography...its almost like a musical fashion show...and I love Renee's monologue at he end. more later...sleep now


I Heart Naomi

And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty, and it stayed its hand. And from that day, it was as one dead.
King Kong is a v ery puzzling film. During some moments, it is sheer movie genius...during others it is some of the dumbest footage ever presented on film. Lets just say: a lot of the movie can be cut down. Peter Jackson is desperately trying to make this film more than just an action/adventure movie (as clearly stated in the Heart of Darkness analogy: "its more than an adventure story") and when 25 minutes of the movie is nothing more than a CGI giant ape and Naomi Watts staring at each other (with love in their eyes) you have to give him credit for something. Believe me, some parts of the movie I was ready to crap my pants...for example: when Anne Darrow enters from a foggy alley, framed on both sides by NYC skyline...she and Kong stare at each other for what seems an eternity...its moments like these that make you realize that there is more going on here than your typical adventure movie. I will be the first person to tell you that Peter Jackson has gotten away with way too many things. Ever since the first lord of the rings films (which is by far his best movie) the editing has gotten a bit 'lazy' shall we say...the two towers we can forgive since its the weakest book, but return of the king...come on...its almost an hour too long, and the fade to black thing gets real annoying real fast. Kong suffers from major editing problems...if we are indeed supposed to believe that this is a psychological adventure (such as Heart of Darkness) then why do we spend a good 1.5 hours on skull island (if not more) showcasing big special effects action sequences. I will admit...Some of them have to be there: Kong/Naomi/T-Rex...but the Brontosaurus stampede really has no place in this movie...and the creepy crawly insects, while very effective, serve no real purpose in the story. So basically, Kong is great...but not really "great" in the movie hall of fame sense. Perhaps if this had been a complete retelling of the story, in a Beauty and the Beast fashion, then maybe this movie would make the all-time lists (its already on the imdb.com top 250...whatever) but thanks to focus on the WRONG THINGS this movie doesn't cut it. But I'm still content to watch Naomi...talk about difficult role: you try staring into space (since Kong is completely special effects, she had to imagine staring at a giant ape) and showing real emotion/affection in your face. When most of your lines are constricted to a scream, it takes a real actress to put meaning into those screams...A+ for Namoi (but I guess I'm a bit biased...) Just wait for that role honey...the best actress trophy is yours (since they passed you over for Mulholland Dr...those bastards)...
It wasn't the airplanes; beauty killed the beast.
King Kong is recommended (not highly by any means...) In other news...Karen is still queen of my world... Translation: 6 more episodes of Will&Grace...{I really need to get over this one}



I made cookies with Ellie all day...and still did not practice. It was very fun, but I need to practice. I went out to dinner with my parents for my dad's birthday. We went to a restaurant called the Stained Glass in Evanston. It was very good. I had this tuna thing that had a sashimi salad thing, a squid and tuna salad thing, and a small grilled tuna steak thing...I'm pretty sure it was the best thing that anybody at the table ordered...and for dessert I had Chai Creme Brule...so there... And tonight was another 6 episodes of Will&Grace... Translation: I still heart Karen.


I Almost Died...Except Not

Today I came down with a two hour flu...this illness shared all the same symptoms as a 12-hour flu except for the fact that it was only two hours and it shared none of the same symptoms as the flu...but basically I suddenly got a really horrible headache and had really bad chills for two hours, and then I was fine...and I was going to go to the gym... Spent most of my day driving around g-ma...just like everyday I've been back...I REALLY need to practice...{sigh} Currently, they are replaying all of the playoff games that led to the White Sox World Series Victory...this makes my dad very happy...because of my short illness, I watched with him for a few innings and read some of In Cold Blood, which is really amazing so far and I'm only on page 25...its just so fascinating, and I love the 'here it is' writing style...its also very interesting after seeing Capote since after knowing something about him, the book is kind of different...basically, its good, and it knows that its good... I also watched seven episodes of Will&Grace... Translation: I Heart Karen


No Brokeback...

Was going to see Brokeback Mountain with Jonathan, but it just didn't happen...we were at the theater, it was starting in ten minutes, but we just couldn't commit to seeing a movie...don't ask. I will see it before the break is over... Ended up watching Mean Girls instead...so yeah...I think that is the 3rd or 4th time since Thanksgiving break...Completely insane, I know...and I had to rent it since I left my copy at school...oh well... And I now own the Umbrellas of Cherbourg...so we will have to watch it next semester some time...


Surprisingly good

The Color Purple is an oddly touching film. While I don't usually find these epic/Oscar bait films all that interesting, this one seems different for some reason. Perhaps its the absence of huge movie stars...maybe its the small scale of the epic quality...maybe its the surprisingly flowing adaptation from book to movie. Whatever it is, The Color Purple is a great movie; a mega-tear jerker...if you haven't seen it, you should, and then follow up with the book...I think that the two kind of go hand in hand, rather than one being better than the other (since the formats are so different, the same story is refreshingly different in the two...FYI: the book is written all in letters from one character to another, the movie doesn't really use this to relay the story). And as far as Spielberg goes...I have kind of lost interest in him lately, but movies like this really prove that he knows what he is doing. Schindler's List was trying to be the Color Purple, but came out to calculated an pristine...like all of his movies these days...check out Purple and Close Encounters of the Third Kind for a less refined Spielberg...I think they are more enjoyable in a way. PS> You have to love the scene when Shug busts through the doors of the church to embrace the preacher...and of course the very memorable finale: reunion in a field of purple flowers...{sob} Sidenote: not looking forward to Munich...if you couldn't tell... [check flickr for photos of the BT...and maybe facebook too!]


BT a S

The BT (big trip) was a very large S (success). I managed to escape driving the entire time (Mary and Heather did it all!). We ended up leaving Rochester around 7:30 and we dropped me and Heather off at my house around 5:30, so we made pretty good time, thanks to the foot of Mary Counts (who believes in driving 19 over the speed limit...). Blogging is made much more difficult with dial-up internet. I hope this changes in the next few weeks, but it probably wont. Agh!! I will post some pictures of the BT later tonight, probably. Finished Memoirs of a Geisha, the book is very interesting, but the end kind of pulls itself out of its ass...I really don't think that the book was a romance, but it seems to think that it was. Whatever, most of the book is very intriguing. The movie, which I probably wont see, I have my doubts about. Why all Chinese actors in a movie about Japan? Started the Color Purple last night...probably have some comments about it tonight. I will start practicing today to get into the flow of practice this break...auditions and competition when I return to school, so I have to be in top form!! I hope everybody is having a good break!! Yay!!


Break Approach

Its time to become a member of the functioning world again. Now that school is over that can happen. Tomorrow is for cleaning and packing...Saturday is for traveling home...break is for working on Dvorak and watching waaay too many movies (I really need to catch up). I'm almost done with Memoirs of a Geisha! And I'm listening to more Madonna...

All Done

It is so nice to be finished. After a grand total of 8 hours, the linguistics final is complete. There were some rough times involved, but thanks to the help of the amazing Sara Ballance, everything worked out in the end. Its nice to know that when you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, someone will be there to make sure you don't kill yourself. Thank you Sara!!!!!!!!!!!! In other news, there is no other news. I am working at the library right now, and will help clean up the apartment with Brian, and then work more at the library later. I'm sure this is really interesting to all of you!!


nervous breakdown

I'm still doing my lingustics final...I'm coming up on the sitxth hour of work...I still have 8 out of 11 sections to go...I don't know what most of the questions are asking and I can't find the terms in the book...and OMG Sara just called me and offered to help!!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH SARA!!!!!! This may just save a suicide...

Please be over...

Sooooooooooooo scared and stressed right now...I have been working on the linguistics final since 10am and I haven't really finished any of it...everytime I read a question I just move to the next one because I don't know how to do it...but the problem is, I got to the end of the test and there were no more questions to skip...I also have no confidence in my work, so when I do a question, I don't have the faintest idea if I am even ansewring in the correct manner...and Anton isn't even here to help me...would it be out of line to ask Sara? (since it is a final...) Have a lesson in 10 mins also...that should be interesting...I'm sure it will just make me feel terrible about myself, like they usually do. Stupid party, wish it wasn't happening.


procrastination Informative Entry

First of all...Hannah gave an AMAZING recital yesterday...she sounded really great...everything was very exciting and interesting and solid... yay for Hannah!!! And she chose to play the solo movement from Quartet for the End of Time...which has to be one of the scariest things to play ever...one down and six to go (as far as senior cello recitals go!) I am starting a trend of not really doing the things I need to be doing...this trend starting roughly around the time I was born...I hope it ends at some point in my life. Need to do the linguistics final at some point...hopefully before the party we are having tomorrow...ugh...so don't want to have one right now, but I guess its happening anyway. Played Dvorak is studio class today...it was pretty terrible, but I really didn't practice it, so I shouldn't complain about it. Surprisingly the really hard part in the development of the first movement was totally there and I nailed the octave run...however most of the piece was not on this level. I have hope that if I practice well over break it wont be half bad for the competition. [so you'd better practice] Musica Nova went fairly well...Boulez had one slight mishap, but reports from the audience were good...so even though I was actually playing random notes for the entire last fast section I guess it was 'convincing'...Stucky was interesting...I felt like I didn't play a single section correctly, but whatever...we were only playing it for the composer who had just won the Pulitzer Prize, so whatever. Ossia tonight featuring lots of long slow and somewhat interesting pieces. So yeah... [do your linguistics final]


The Perfect Movie?

I took my first trip to the Little Theatre in a very long time...and I must admit I did miss the absence. For a while I was at the theater every Sunday night seeing such a large number of movies I couldn't keep track...but when you can go for free on Sunday, whats the point of not going?? Alas, they changed the the free Sundays to 12 free movies a year...hardly the same deal...but I'll still take it. I used my first free trip on the Constant Gardener (which I did not like one bit...) but I'm proud to say that my latest trip was well worth the free admission. Since Heather is so in love with Pride and Prejudice, she dragged me and Mary to the showing tonight...and I must say it was amazing! While I can't say that the story is one of my favorites, it really is hard not to admire the movie from every other standpoint possible. I love the opening camera work, moving freely throughout the house, always making sure to frame the shot beautifully, accompanied by a very nice score (mostly solo piano). The movie, at two hours, flew by...I never once had the urge to look at a clock. The acting wasn't 'knock-out' but I can't say that there was one bad performance, and the writing was first-rate. So, how did they do it? How did they take a story that I have basically no interest in and make it into such an amazing movie for me? I was skeptical at first, reading all of the reviews praising the film, but now I see why...its just so solid on every level. Even if you don't like the story, how can you not admire it? This is becoming the year of movies that I really don't want to like, but end up loving...Philip Seymour Hoffman in Caopte=wanted to hate but loved, and now Pride and Prejudice. Thank you to Heather for making me go!! Pride and Prejudice is HIGHLY recommended!!!! PS: You have to love the shot of Kiera Knightly on the edge of the cliff with her dress billowing out. I heart over dramatic glory shots that serve no real purpose in the movie.

Sunday Afternoon Library Blogging: Recitals

Life post-Desperate Housewives is going pretty well. I have many things that I need to be doing, however, they just aren't happening for some reason. 1) I must perform the entire Dvorak Concerto for Dave Ying and the rest of my studio (all four of us) on Tuesday. Normally this wouldn't be too much of a problem, but I haven't really worked on the 2nd and 3rd movements at all since before my jury last year. So I basically have an hour or two today and some time tomorrow to pull them all together. Should be interesting, 2) Linguistics final...this one looks really annoying and bitchtacular. It is seven pages of answering questions about one sentence...ugh. My book will be close at hand, for sure. 3) Must pack for home. Driving back with Mary and Heather on Saturday (in one week!). Should be horrednously fun (if we don't kill each other, that is). We have been discussing for weeks what we are going to do...the list basically includes listening to various songs on our respective ipods...really exciting, I know. Yesterday was a day full of recitals: Marisol, Hilary, and Cody...all of which were completely fabulous. It was very fun to play the Mozart duo with Marisol on her recital, she also performed some Villa-Lobos and a tango! Hilary busted out tons of folk dance music on her recital...kind of interesting. And Cody challenged the audience with a very non-standard program including highlights from Madame butterfly (complete with offstage euphomium) and a puzzling piece for euphonium, piano, and voice...and don't forget the standard pieces on the program either. Post recital, there was a get-together at Sunny's...it turned into one of our more crazy parties...so either our parties are really weak, or I don't know where I am going with this. I met Beliang and Rebecca for the first time (and discovered that Rebecca is a Desperate Housewives fan as well!!!) Pictures can be found at facebook! Two nights ago was Feygelhorn...a relatively new holiday. I attended with Sara and Kimberly...all of us dressed in Santa Hats and wreath bows...and we sang a song... Starting to create a list of movies that need to be seen...right now at the top are: Brokeback Mountain, The Producers, and King Kong. Trying to figure out who will see Brokeback with me...maybe Jonathan? I don't know if he even reads this thing... Time to read Memoirs of a Geisha.



Just finished watching the first season of Desperate Housewives...probably one of the most addictive shows I have watched (up there with Queer as Folk and Twin Peaks). I am curious to see what season two brings...they introduced some characters right at the end that will figure into the plot I'm sure...I'll probably have to wait for quite a while though, since I don't want to start partway through the season...oh well... I must say I was pretty happy with how they brought it all together, even though it was kind of apparent for a few episodes before what was going to happen... "Oh Mary Alice...what did you do??" You have to love it... PS> Currently obsessed with the Nutcracker...is that weird? PSS> Alison gave a truly amazing recital last night!!! She proved to everyone that she is equally at home performing cantatas on Baroque oboe, pulling off a jazz tune, and busting out crazy carnival music (aka Wolfgang Rhim)...anyways, she sounded amazing. Is it bad that I like the very high register of the oboe better than the more 'at home" regions of the instrument? (and I'm talking really really really high)


Linguistics Poster List

The linguistics poster project is officially over. We spent almost all day yesterday putting the poster together...several adventures ensued: 1. A really scary trip to Target in Ethan's car...FYI: Ethan's car is really scary. It feels like its going to fall apart and it is very wiggly. After we were driving for a while, Anton told me that the breaks don't work very well. It was very snowy and icy...I was scared for my life. And there was barely any gas in the car at all...but we made it their and back. 2. Fun items for the poster included: letter shaped sponges...a pack of paintbrushes...a set of paints...a large poster board...instead of actually working on the poster, me and Anton painted two abstract paintings together and all three of us constructed several sculptures out of the letter shaped sponges. This is more difficult than it sounds since the sponges are very staticly charged and have a tendency to fly off of the table (or sculpture without warning) 3. Anton's mom called about five times while trying to plan a trip to the Hague. 4. Actually constructing the poster...I got to paint the paint onto each of the sponge letters while Anton placed them on the board and Ian washed them off in the sink...I think I got the most fun job. There was only one pair of scissors so cutting was a very tedious process. The poster was completed by 4:30am... 5. CREATE LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!! (brand name of the art supplies that we bought at Target) 6. Actually poster presentation went very well!!!! It turns out that our professor is actually working on the EXACT SMAE PROJECT! She was very impressed with what we did and said she would probably contact us...I think she was also amazed since we wrote out a bunch of the sentences with musical examples...and she didn't read music...so it must have looked cool. Everyone was very impressed with our poster (for some reason). I am surprised we got away with it since we didn't really do any research and barely did any work. 7. When we lost the sound of a native Korean speaker...instead of writing down what she actually said, we substituted names of Koreans from around school...there was definitely the phrase Don-a Yoo De-o. Time for recitals and rehearsals...GOOD LUCK TO ALISON!!!!!!!


It's really time to be done with the linguistics project...but we really haven't started yet...we may have worked on it a lot and recorded a lot of people...but we still need to figure out what it all means and assemble the poster...ugh...all over after tomorrow. And me and Anton painted a nice little picture with the paint we bought...I will put it on my fridge. And I really could have been working on this last night rather than watching eight episdoes of Desperate housewives...oops...


Desperate for DH

It's really not ok that I just watched 8 episodes of Desperate Housewives in one day. I really have other things that I should be doing. At least it will be a good 2 days before I get the next (and last...thank god) disc in the season (which is the only season on DVD...so far). I knew I should have just waited until winter break. Linguistics project will be completed tomorrow. {yay}


No Real News

Sarah Stern's Recital was a success...it was very fun and the reception was spectacular!! My mom called me the other day and asked how we were going to have my reception after my recital (since my recital will be at 9pm) and I assured her that we would figure something out...although it will be hard to match Sarah's luxurious spread! I went for a walk today and ran into Paul! Desperate Housewives resumes tomorrow...I will be receiving two discs in the mail tomorrow. And I bought a copy of In Cold Blood...I can't wait to read this book! But I also need to finish Memoirs of a Geisha first...[since when were you so into reading?] {I'm sure it won't last} And add The Producers to my list of must see movies...that makes the list a whopping two, also containing Brokeback Mountain...I'm sure I will love The Producers, I'm such a sucker for musicals...and this one looks especially hilarious...and Uma looks very fun in her role. {After this week things will be very fun...must finish LING project!}


Sunday Afternoon Library Blogging: New Template Please

I don't want to use this blogger template anymore...anybody have suggestions on what I should do?!?!?!? Anybody want to make one for me? It is very snowy and cold in Rochester...not big snowstorm snow, just enough to be a bit annoying. And it is very cold...I need to start exploring hat possibilities. Looks like the next week will be pretty insane. Everyday until Thursday there will be some sort of meeting to work on the Linguistics project. We have been recording people speaking in their native language as well as saying a sentence in English...but we realized we need them to say more, so we are calling them all back to do more for us. If you are a native speaker of Korean or Japanese, please come to the main hall of ESM tomorrow at 3:30 and we can record you talking. Thank you. I need to start watching movies again. I realized that I haven't been to the Little since the beginning of the school year. I actually bought a membership, and they never sent it (even though they did charge my credit card) and I haven't been going at all, so I never even called them to tell them to send it to me. I really need to take care of that. I only saw The Constant Gardener and Broken Flowers in September...neither of which I was taken with at all. I haven't been quite as involved in movies as I have in recent years...usually I follow the Oscar Race from beginning to end, but I just haven't had the time to do it this year. My list of movies that I have seen that have been released this year is a pitiful 5 or 6...hardly enough to qualify as any kind of film enthusiast. I hope I will be able to catch up on a few big releases over winter break. Tonight is Sarah Stern's senior recital...you should all go...I am filling in for Sunny, since she is off auditioning in England and canceled only a few days ago. Its kind of fun to play with the Matroyshka's since I hardly ever play with Jen and Grace...although now that I am there, I think me a Kitty are spreading OOC!! That could get dangerous. Not going to the Ying's today {oops} Dean Undercofler told me that he read my blog once...he said it was "interesting" I'll stop now.


Them Oboes

Today seems to be the day that we are doing the Linguistics project. Me and Ian and Anton sat around in the kitchen of the dorm on and off for a while recording people saying a sentence in their native language and a sentence that we wrote in English. Things seems to be going well. I think. The project should turn out fine. The oboe party was a success. There were lots of oboes there and it was pretty fun. Took a detour to another party at Dave Sedlins' apartment, but only stayed for a bout 5 mins...then went back to the oboe party. I took some pictures of snowy Rochester as I was walking back from the oboe party...