I'm Still Here

Yeah...I'm still here...been all over the place and had lots of crazy stuff going on...both bad and good. Here's a summary of what has been going on:
  1. Headache situation is going better...much better actually...hope that doesn't jinx anything.
  2. Lots of good news from Tanglewood...I won a prize and I got invited back for next year...now I have a lot of thinking to do...should I go back? They are playing tons of Carter and James Levine is conducting tons of stuff and Renee Fleming is singing in the opera and Emanuel Axe is playing with the orchestra! Hmmm...
  3. I just bought a Missy Elliot Album...This Is Not A Test!
  4. Was at home last week for my grandmother's funeral...it was a really nice service and I think she would have loved it. Sigh...
  5. Jairo won the composition prize in Columbia for the solo cello piece he wrote for me...he got a lot of money and I might be recording it! No details at all yet...so I won't get my hopes up...but they already are..so too late.
  6. I bought a black tie with tiny gold skulls all over it today.
  7. I have a ton of work to do on my recital...I'm currently two weeks behind because of all of this stuff that has come up...agh!!!
  8. Winter break will be kind of amazing...I'm going to Puerto Vallarta with my parents and uncle and then I'm zipping back to Houston in time for Heather to arrive...she is visiting for almost a whole week!
  9. I'm getting a lot of new students! I added another day of teaching out in Katy and might start teaching in LaPorte any week now...still waiting to hear back from the orchestra director there.

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