Ups and Downs

I guess when things go well for you for a while, they have to go the other way for a while too...my one private student just let me know they are switching to another teacher for "reasons not related to me." She told me this in a one sentence email...thats the money I used for my groceries every week...I also heard from the teacher at my new school in La Porte that she doesn't have enough students to make it worth my time (even though she let me know at the beginning of the year that there would be at least 18...hmmm)...thats two jobs that I'm out of in one day...yikes...

In other good news, I got called to sub with the Symphony of Southeast Texas...I have to cancel some of my teaching but I think its worth it. Hmmm...now I need to double my efforts of finding more work...anybody hiring cellists in the Houston area?

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