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I just came back from the Apple Store with my uncle...he bought an iPod Nano (blue) a 20" iMac, and got a free printer (with scanner etc.) and a free copy of Microsoft Office (both after rebate)...I can only say that I'm a little bit jealous (even though I already have two iPods of my own and a MacBook...so I really have no reason to be)...but his stuff is newer and better and cooler. I also drooled over the iPhones for a while...I'm getting better at using them, mainly from just playing with them at the store...now all I need to do is actually own one!

Project Runway: I have to admit, I kind of heart Elisa...even from the first challenge when her dress was a total train wreck (as M. Kors said)...it was nice to see her go from almost being the first one auf'ed to almost winning! Yikes! I guess Victoya's was good too...but I just don't like her right now for some reason...I didn't like her metallic flower dress either (from the last episode) that the judges were all drooling over...seems like she will be sticking around for a while. My favorite right now is Chris March...he's kind of hiding in the "I don't get kicked off, but they also never say anything about my dresses" territory right now...so it seems like he'll be around for at a few episodes.

I'm kind of obsessed with David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar right now...I've watched Inland Empire, Twin Peaks Season 2, Volver, and Talk To Her in the past two weeks...and they are all amazing...I really need to go back and fill in some Almodovar gaps...he is such an amazing writer and his movies never go exactly where you expect them to (and always put the audience in a unique position...aka...should we like the main character or not?)...see Talk To Her and look at the main character Benigno for a prime example.

I've actually been doing some pretty good practicing since I've been here...not a ton of time...but I've been getting some things done...which is what I need to be doing. The last three pages of the Duarte-Lopez are pretty crazy in a tongue-twister fast notes/rhythm kind of way...but my fingers are slowly but surely figuring out where they need to be. For those of you who are keeping track I'm playing the entire Carter Sonata at our studio recital on Monday night, then the Duarte-Lopez in studio on Tuesday, and hopefully the Plylar at my lesson on Wednesday...in other words...its a big cello week for me (not to mention all of the orchestra music that I need to know really well...ouch).

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Juliet Grabowski said...

Hey - thanks for the note on my blog. I totally heart Elisa, too!