Crazy Day So Far

I got up at 6am this morning...and by "got up" I mean that I set my alarm (and by alarm I mean both of my alarm clocks set at 5:55am and 6am) and hit snooze until 7am when I actually got up and wrote my music for Contemporary Music Practicum class and then I sprinted over to Starbucks and bought the necessary latte (non-fat sugar-free) and sprinted over to school and printed the parts and scores because I have no ink in my printer and then I went to Mind-Body class where we danced around doing eurythmics with Mrs. Fischer and then I went to contemporary music class where we played me pieces (which actually turned out ok...especially for being written at 7am) and then I went to rehearsal with Patti (and by rehearsal I mean that we talked for about 35 minutes of the hour on a wide range of topics not having to do with the Carter Sonata we were supposed to be rehearsing) and now I'm back at my apartment wasting time writing this entry because I should be showering and eating lunch before I drive out to Cinco Ranch to teach the little cello kiddies (and by little cello kiddies I actually mean the students I have which range in age from 6th-11th grade)...and then my day will be done.

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