On The Horizon

It seems like out of nowhere there are suddenly tons of things to be thinking about. Jairo called me yesterday saying that we need to make the recording sooner rather than later. (if you haven't been paying attention his solo cello piece that he wrote for me won the national composition competition in Columbia...it will be recorded and published and won a big cash prize) That means I either have to take a trip to Rochester or he needs to take a trip to Houston...neither of us wants me to do it solo with no input from him...problem is finding a date that works for both of us...easier said than done...yikes!

My future new music ensemble (right now referred to as Cape Cod of Context) is also in the brainstorming/planning stages of our first concert/performance...sometime in May or June...I think we need to figure out a concept before we pick rep...there is a ton of work to be done though and May will be here faster than we ever expected...

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