I Like Today

It is very cold and rainy today and it makes me feel like we actually have seasons here...of course that will all change when it gets hot again and it becomes apparent that we actually don't have seasons at all. But I will enjoy it while I can and carry my umbrella around and wear a sweatshirt (outside!!).

Some of you may know that I've been having some headache problems lately...things got better over the weekend and I've made some (temporary) lifestyle changes...no caffeine, no alcohol, and mostly organic food. It was very fun to go shopping at Central Market over the weekend searching out all the good organic stuff (although it is a little pricey...but whatever). I'm happy to be back in business and getting things done (since that didn't happen very much this past week). Last night was an apartment cleaning, so now everything is tidy and in its place and ready to go for the week...I should make it a tradition to always clean up on Sunday afternoon/evening...its makes getting up on Monday much easier.

I saw the University of Houston's production of The Breasts of Terisias (Poulenc) and Gianni Schicci (Puccini) yesterday. Both great operas and great production with lots of stunning performances from Eastman grads (featured as leads in both operas). Its always great seeing the operas there...they spare no expense and put on huge lavish productions.

Trio recital this Saturday at 8pm in Duncan...Brahms: Trio in B Major/Schumann: Trio in D Minor....you should be there!!!

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