On My Way Out

You've probably noticed I'm experimenting with some new things here at the blog...I switched from Template to Layout yesterday...I hope I end up liking it, since I can't switch back! Yikes! It makes things like adding an image to the header super super easy...the trick is to find a good image...this one is very very temporary.

Orch Rep midterm went about as well as it could have gone yesterday...of course, Mendelssohn was the worst of the four pieces...as expected...I got a very mixed review with a really good compliment and some much expected criticism. Orchestra was a bit rocky yesterday...the first reading of the Stranivksy Danses Concertantes could have used a little more rhythm and counting...but there was only one conductor storm out...so things will probably be better after the Thanksgiving Break!

Speaking of which...I leave in a few hours...couldn't really find someone to drive me so I'm driving myself to the airport (for the first time!) Yikes...the parking won't cost too much...about the same if I took the shuttle...and its much more convenient!

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