Yesterday was the first day of school. It was nice because I only had one class to go to. It was "Leadership Issues in Music" taught by Unbdercoughler. It seems like it will be a very very good class, bascially just discussing trends and issues in music today, very informal, very cool. And Alison is in it too! And of course, I was singled out already (by accident) for not participating. Ugh...not a good way to start things out. Kimberly came over last night and we played a game and drank a bit...and she ended up sleeping on the futon...haha. Me and Caitlin went to the Y again this morning...we are doing well so far!!!!! Right now I am working at the reserve desk, very boring, but I get paid!!! Also found out the thre strings for Musica Nova are the members of CCE...me, Heather, Kitty, and Kimberly!!! Should be interesting!


Audition Done

Just had my orchestra audition and it actually went pretty well. Varon asked for Dvorak, and heard a page, then the mendelssohn, which I was actually miraculously able to play. it was very spiccato and Varon was like, "Its nice to hear it a little more on the string." go figure...then the sight reading was Mozart 35, which I already knew. I played like 3 measures and he was like thats fine, you can go. I ran into Kimberly today!! yay!! I think that everybody is back now, even though I still haven't seen Sunny. Last night Me Jeffrey, Jeffrey and julienne watched two episodes of six feet under...it was like a little six feet under reunion. paul and mary also delievered a chair to my apartment, it has now replaced my dads that was kind of falling apart. Me and Caitlin went to the Y this morning at 8:30, hope we can keep it up!



I think that party last night was a success!! There were a lot of people in a pretty small space, but it worked somehow. It was nice to see everybody again!!! Yay!!! Thank you all for coming! School is starting tomorrow. I can't belive it. Also, we have auditions tomorrow for orchestra, should be interesting. Must go and practice now!



You should come to the party tonight...8pm.


Sam In, Sam Out

Same came and went without a problem yesterday. I guess most of you didn't even see him...we went for a short tour of the school, and then down East Ave to the Eastman house and back on park. He seemed to like the area a lot! Had dinner with Carrie at Spot, then went back to the apartment and watched My Fair Lady, and I must say that I wasn't impressed at all. There was one spectacualr scene with lots of rich people dressed in amazing costumes (all black and white...in a color movie) but most of the movie was quite tedious, and the songs were pretty stupid. Oh well...Me and Brian are probably having a party on Sunday Night...you should come!


At the library

I am working at the library right now! I though I would just be training, but I am actually working...and I didn't bring anything to do...oh well. I was also late, for my first time...I just love giving a good first impression. Oops...


Too many movies...well maybe not

Yesterday was spent in front of the TV with Brian. I practiced in the morning, and didn't really feel lik doing any more, so I stopped. Ran into Carrie and went to Java's, then back to the aparment. Me and Brian decided to watch Lawrence of Arabia, which is almost 4 hours long. However, it is truly spectacular, completly gripping from start to finish. After seeing this movie, I wonder how Peter O'Toole never won an oscar...how could the star of Lawrence of Arabia, an all time classic, not have on oscar, after being nominated at least 5 times???? Hmm...However, the two most amazing things about LoA are the score (how could you forget that theme?) and the cinematography. Love the shot of hundreds of men and camels/horses charge into a city, as the camera pans past the entire city and opens on to the ocean at its side. Or the classic, two men on camel running past each other on the open desert with a huge blue sky in the background. Simply amazing. Took a walk with Sara, usual down East Ave, up Park Ave, then back to East. Went back to aparment and taled to Caitlin for a while, she is coming back on Sunday! Sat around for a while, then Alison came over and we watched Wild at Heart...also an amazing movie!! You should all go and see it!


New Job!!

I stopped by the library the other day and filled out an application and it actually went through. I guess Zach Wilder told Robert to hire me, so now I have a job at the library! yay!! extra money!! So in the future when you go to the library to check out books, I will be the one sitting behind the desk not knowing what I am doing! I'm only working 9 hours a week, but that should give me a bit of extra money (at an amazing $6 an hour...haha). I am just happy to actually have a job. Yesterday a bunch of us went to the Toad. I guess it was like a boys night out...a bunch of them went to play poker, me, Brian, and Arthur went back to our place and drank vodka while watching the South Park movie, which I adore. And Kitty is back!!!!! Yay!!! She came up for a bit, but was very tired, so she went to sleep. It is very exciting to see people that I haven't seen in so long! When are you all coming back?


No Internet

I do not have internet at the apartment. Brian called the people and they will not be out to give us internet for over 2 weeks. Ugh...I guess I will have to survive on the cave and the dorm computer lab (if it ever opens...) Last night me and Brian watched Being John Malkovich and then people came over and we watched I Heart huckabees...both amazing movies! Alison came over for dinner and we did a rice a veggie thing...was pretty good. We will have to start making more exciting and flavorful food...Sara and i are about to go for a walk...things are very nice and calm here, very relaxing! hopefully I will be able to get a job at the library, I guess I have to go and talk to the guy, since according to Zach, the application means nothing. That is all for now.


New Apartment

Got into Rochester last night...stayed in the apartment by myself. The drive was long and not excitng. The apartment is so nice...it is exciting to actually have space for once, and to have a real closet. Brian got here this morning and we have been running from store to store all day, including some rather scary areas of Rochester (on the search for used furniture). can we say lyell ave?? went to tastings for dinner, tomorrow's project is wegmans. We don't have internet yet, but hopefully we will have it soon (im in the cave right now) yay!!


Old People

Today was my grandfather's 90th birthday. That is really old...I wonder if I will be that old someday? My day was largely concerned with getting ready. Me and my dad brought three large boxes over to UPS and sent hem out to Rochester...and then picked up the birthday cake (from Costco...my mom loves their cake, I think its a bit frosting heavy). Ran downtown to pick up my bow (since it kind of fell apart at Banff a little bit) and went to my grandfather's birthday party. It was nice to see everybody before leaving. I tried watching Sling Blade, but I only survived for like 3 minutes. I will try again once in Rochester, it was very slow, and I just need to go to sleep. Last night I watched Talk to Her...which is a truly fabulous movie. It doesn't get much crazier than two men finding friendship since both of the female counterparts are in comas. Truly fascinating. See it if you haven't already. I received an email from Kati today (my standpartner at Banff) it was very exciting to hear from her! Tomorrow I am leaving for Rochester. We will leave at 5:30am (or so) and probably get into Rochester around 5ish...it takes us longer every time, because we talk longer and longer breaks on the way. I don't really care, since my dad does all of the driving. I stole that trick from Paul, sorry Paul. My latest listening obsession is the Beethoven Violin Concerto. I stole one of Ari's cd's of Gidon Kremer playing it (with the Schnittke cadenza) and listened to it all the way into Chicago and back! I wonder why I like it so much? Internet may be shoddy for a while (until me and Brian work it out) so updates might not be frequent...as if you cared! See all of you soon!


Wonka and Hedwig

As usual I have descended into going to the club, watching movies, and hanging out with my parents during my time at home. This may seem boring to some, but it is entertaining to me! I was surprised to come home and find out that I was under 180!!! Maybe it was only 179, and maybe I am once again over 180, but it gives me hope for the future. I will definitely be going to the Y at school, and trying to do some sort of walking type thing also...anyone else want to join me? Yesterday and the day before I was visited by Ari Streisfeld. He just spent the summer at Kent-Blossom and will be going to Northwestern this year, so he needed to move some stuff into his apartment, which is in a very nice location in downtown Evanston. Very nice apartment...with everything right next to it (including post office across the street, java's-esque coffee place downstairs, liquor store 1 minute away (on foot) and many other things including a gap about 2 blocks away)...so I am a bit jealous. It makes me want to go to school in Chicago! Except, I don't really want to go to any of the schools in Chicago, but whatever. I would probably be happy at a school as long as it is in a city, I can't be too picky now. On Monday night we went to see the strange Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, starring Johnny Depp. As usually, Johnny Depp was great, portraying Willy Wonka as seen through Michael Jackson (they both seem to like little boys, I guess). Definitely my favorite performance of the year so far. There were many things about that movie that worked, including Feddy Highmore (little boy from Finding Neverland), the story book feel (typical in Tim Burton films) and the spectacular sets and costumes. Things that didn't work were mainly the Oompa-Loompas...all portrayed by the same actor. They seemed more creepy/annoying than anything else, and their songs (song periodically throughout the movie) were just plain dumb/embarassing. The movie as a whole is just super-bizarre, glossing over things that really shouldn't be (such as the brief journey into the puppet burn center) which adds to making things a bit more creepy than they ever have been in a telling of Willy Wonka. You should see it...88%. I guess I have a craving for eccentric characters since last night I watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Telling the story of a young boy named Hansel who, to get out of East Germany, has a botched sex-change to marry and American, moves to the middle of Kansas, starts a rock-band, meets a boy, falls in love with him..etc etc etc...It is very strange, but very fun. I will have to consider getting the soundtrack, because some of the songs are really good, and the acting is really good (especially Hedwig, portrayed by John Cameron Mitchell). It is a strong challenger to the Rocky Horror picture show for cult movie status, since the end doesn't really make much sense at all. You should also see this one...90%.


Million Dollar Crap...well, maybe not

I just watched the horribly celebrated Million Dollar Baby...this year's winner of the awards for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Director...none of which it deserved. And its really a shame...the subject and characters in the movie are really great, but it is executed in a very uninteresting and unsuccessful way. Its too bad that Hollywood felt it necessary to reward this movie for its blandness. Perhaps if Hilary Swank knew how to act...she does nothing more than aimlessly punch a bag and talk in a southern accent (which she won best actress for)...and Clint Eastwood really does nothing as her trainer, it's as if he doesn't have an acting bone in his body. The movie is not all bad though, sometimes your get real glimpses at the characters, especially in the end, and the cinematography is also very good (they milk the silhouette of a girl and a punching bag for all its worth). Its seems a bit thrown together...and it knows that its going to win all the awards, so it doesn't really play very well. Given more time and thought MDB could be a hell of a movie, but in the end its just plain average. In every category that it won something, there was a far more deserving candidate from Sideways...but oh well! Granda and Uncle were over for ribs tonight! I told them about my super hike up the mountain. Tomorrow Ari is coming and staying for a night before he goes to Lucerne...should be fun!


Confederacy of Dunces

I am finally at home!!! Last night was the final orchestra concert at Banff...nothing spectacualr, but we made it through the music. One thing I am not happy about is the fact that I know have to deal with dial-up internet...it was very nice to have free high-speed in my room at Banff. There was a reception with free wine and cheese after the concert (they usually have them after the big concerts) which everyone went to. Said good-bye to Maggie, Laszlo, and Angela, since they were leaving for Calgary right away. Also said bye to Aryn, who left directly after the concert!! Sad! Left the reception and finished packing, which didn't take long. Somehow my roommate got a hold of the leftover's from Donna's Chopin party and he ran off with them...I never really talked to him the entire time at Banff...oh well. After packing I went back to Props for a while, said bye to Kati...my stand partner, and also talked to Sonia and Cordelia for a while. Went to sleep a bit early...but I was anxious to get everything over with! Missed saying bye to Steven, who must have been preocupied with taking care of his nieces, who were visiting him. Went into town this morning to pick up a treat for my parents and magnets for everybody. Got a block of maple fudge (only to find out my parents don't like fudge, or maple) and some choclates shaped like maple leaves. They were not excited about either gift, so I guess I will have to eat them...oh well. I got up too early and everything was closed in Banff, so I kind of just wandered around for a while, had a latte at Starbucks, got what I needed, then went back for last minute packing. I was on the shuttle with Donna and Fred...very funny since we played the Brahms trio together a few weeks ago. Donna was annoyed that we never got paid, but she brought chocolate covered pretzels for the ride to the airport. And then the fun begins. I get to the airport at 1:30, for my 3:30 flight. I check in and the guy is like, there are problems in Chicago, so you aren't leaving until 5:30. I'm like whatever. However, in Clagary you do customs before you get to the states, so you are in this little area that doesn't have very much stuff in it. I got some poutine, last chance for a while, which wasn't very good. Then took a nap and read until we finally boarded at 5:45. We get on the plane and the pilot is like, "sorry for the delay...turns out somebody drove a luggage cart into the plane and caused a big dent, so we had to wait for another plane in Chicago to be ready." Everyone was like, "ummmmm...." Then we are sitting on the plane forever in Calgary. And the pilot comes on after a while and is like, "Sorry for the delay, but all the flights in Calgary are grounded right now...we are waiting for some migratory birds to clear the vicinity of the airport." And everybody is like, "ummmmmm..." And we finally take off...note I was supposed to be in Chicago by this time, but whatever. Flight was fine enough. We land and we are sitting there forever and the pilot comes on and is like, "We can't find anybody to drive the jetway, so we are trying to find one." After a while they just decided to use the stairs, since I guess they couldn't find anybody, in all of Ohare airport to drive a jetway 2 feet to a plane. Whatever. Now I am at home, and I will be going to sleep shortly!! yay!!


Less than 24 hours

I am nearing my departure from Banff...I talked to some people, and they were like, "see you next year!" and I was like, "no!!!!!!!" And then they have to express their amazment that I don't like it here. I feel like I'm the only person in the entire Banff Centre that doesn't like it here. These people in particular just dismissed me as being American...ugh... Slept pretty late this morning, ran a bout all over campus to get my cd ordered...you have to have it signed by someone in music and sound to verify that you are you, then you have to take it deep into the depths of this random building, where they make the cd for you. It cost me like $20, but it is good quality of recording (even though I don't really need recordings of the pieces I played, oh well). Had a cello sectional, which was a bit annoying. The last thing I want to do know is spend extra time on the orchestra music...god...We did really need it for the Prokofiev though (3rd piano concerto...the high cello bit in the slow part)...amd rehearsal was annoying too, but I am just getting annoyed by everything. Especially the trumpet soloist, Jens. He must be one of the most self-centered people I have evefr seen. We had to practice his encore, which I'm sure he will play on his first bow (wouldn't be surprised if he didn't even leave the stage once). I want to be like, "Jens...this concert is not about you...you are playing one, very short, trumpet concerto, you do not need to take up the whole concert with your self-celebration." But I will just deal with it. The piano soloist for the Prkofiev is also suspect...he won an award from some national Canadian radio station...but I personally dont like his playing. He is worse than the girl who played the piece at Eastman, and I remember people going on about she wasn't very good. Whatever...I need to stop being so bitchy. I leave tomorrow!!!!


Quartet Done...

Just finished the performance of Quartet for the End of Time. It was very exciting to play again, even if not the whole thing. We managed to throw together the last three movements (well, last two for me...since the very last is violin and piano only). Everything went pretty well...I dont think its the type of piece that you can really expect a perfect performance from. Maybe after about 20 years of coming back to it, then you can finally have that "one" performance, where everything falls into place. There were some scary moments in the unison movement, but nothing horrible. There was one part where me and Courtney totally forgot to do the correct bowings...we almost cracked up onstage. I was very disappointed with the mini cello solo at the start of movement 7...lots of out of tune notes and missed shifts, not to mention a general lack of conviction and sense of music. So I guess there was nothing good about it at all...oh well. And there were also like 10 billion people there, I think there were actually some standing in the back. I think things went over very well, cause a lot of people came back to say hi afterwards and tell us that they liked it. Tomorrow is the final orchestra concert, and the orchestra sounds very very bad...but I will be happy to be finished with it!!!!!

Concert Tonight

So...I think I'm going to stick with this new blog...at least for a while. I think that there is more you can do with it, like post pictures, for instance...something I was never able to do in Xanga (although others had an easy time of it)...oh well...and there are nice spaces where I can put links and such at the side...maybe the rest of you will switch to blogger? I think it looks better too...but maybe thats just me. I only hope that these random comments from people asking me if they can see my credit report stop appearing...I don't want to read your blogs ok??? Sorry about the depressing last entry...I just really want to leave. And I will be very soon...so its ok. Most of today has been occupied by preparations for Quartet for the End of Time, which we are performing tonight. I just got back from the dress rehearsal, which went ok...no perfect, not horrible...so hopefully the concert will go well!! We are only playing the last three movements, so there is nothing too scary (like the solo cello movement for instance...) I need only to worry about the few measures at the start of movement seven (Clusters of Rainbows for the Angel that Announces the End of Time) it is very high and slow and awkward and exposed...but I will survive. It sounds better than when I played it last time! After the concert, I will most likely go out to the bar with Aryn and Steven...or maybe just Aryn, I think that Steven will be entertaining his nieces who are here visiting him.

I hate this place

I need to fucking leave this shithole festival. I think that a lot of people come here, and the orchestra and people are better than what they have at school. However, the orchestra and people are not better than the people at Eastman...it feels like I'm taking a step backwards by coming here. Playing quartet for the end of time...I feel that I unlearning things that I already learned when I played it before...it is so isolated here...you would think that it would be nice to see the mountains all the time...but its the same fucking mountains everyday, and there is nowhere to get away from them. I think if I had to be here any longer I would kill myself...and I'm really not kidding. Two more days and I can leave this place...and now I really am not going to audition again...the only reason I would ever come back is to do the chamber music (and leave at the end of it) or the String Qaurtet Competition...but thats another story. Today we played the Chopin Concerto (em) with Donna at the noon concert. It went pretty well, I guess...its not like we really worked on it at all. She sounded fine...nothing special at all, nothing compared to the pianists at Eastman (sorry Donna)...I was going to work out afterwards, but I was feeling kind of sick and depressed, so I just sat around my room for a while, then went to Quartet rehearsal. Went pretty well...wasn't very into it since I was out of it. Skipped dinner and then went to orchestra...which was shit...we sound so bad, maybe if we had a real conductor we might sound a bit better, but probably not. My stand partner shares most of my opinions, except about Parisot, but he didn't tell her she would be better of if she quit the cello (and um, yes, he did tell me that). After orchestra Donna had a little party for the people that played...she went all out with tons of food and drink...wish I was in a better mood, I would have stayed longer. I have almost cried like 10 times today, because I am so unhappy here. I just want to go home and see my parents and go to school and see my friends and everything will be fine. Then I can start practicing again. Im going to try and go to sleep now. Do you guys like the new blog?


New Home?

Should I start posting here, rather than xanga??