Trip: Day Five (at sea...)

  1. Couldn't wake up.
  2. Had a breakfast that was way too fancy in the dining room (we usually go up on the deck for the buffet.)
  3. Took a nap (by accident, but kind of on purpose) at the very top and rear of the boat. It is my secret place that nobody knows about: you can watch the ripples in the water behind the boat and sit peacefully in the sun (and run into the spa if you need a bottle of water!)
  4. Went to the gym and walked around with my dad on the promenade deck (3.7 laps=1 mile).
  5. Mediterranean buffet for lunch.
  6. Wine tasting: old school Europe vs. New School California...I like Cali better.
  7. Semi-formal dinner hosted by celebrity chef Sam Choy. I only had one of his dishes (shrimp cake with mushroom risotto). My main entree was short ribs...they were good, but my dads are better. Just ask Heather.
  8. Gay boys took the stage again tonight. The theme was "symphony of nations" and they changed costumes about 4 times per song. They are good performers, but the shows are LAME. Old people love them. They took their shirts off a few times.
  9. The day we go to Rome is a holiday and everything is closed. The ship is offering a private tour of the Vatican that will cost over $1200, which my parents will not pay for...poo...
  10. It sounds like CCE could be hired kind of easily for a cruise. Are we interested? Would still have to send a tape and everything. OOC.
  11. Tomorrow is Sicily.

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