Things that have happened while on this Cruise:

  1. For breakfast, maple syrup is distributed in small jars that are sealed. I usually put one of these jars on my tray. Once seated at a table (a waiter usually takes the tray out of my hands and carries it to a table for me) a waiter comes over and opens the syrup and places it back on the table (they tray is usually removed by this point).
  2. My room is made at least two times per day...in the morning after everybody leaves for the day (fresh towels etc...) and before bed while everyone is at dinner (the top blanket thing disappears and the pillows are all layed out perfectly...with a pillow menu where you can select which pillows suit your needs best.)
  3. I saw an erupting volcano a few minutes ago. The ship pulled right up next to Stromboli (not the fast food place in Rochester) and the passengers gaped in amazement as several shots of lava erupted from the top!

Today in news:

  1. Saw an ancient Greek Theatre.
  2. Took a freaky hanging thing down the side of a mountain.
  3. Ate a very nice lunch on a veranda overlooking the beautiful coast of Sicily.
  4. Saw the town of Taormina.
  5. Was tired all day.
  6. Rolled my eyes at the fact that the theme tonight was 50's and the old people loved it.

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