My Computer is Dead (almost)

It has become known to me in the past few days that the time has come for a new computer. I know this because mine has been restarting itself approximately 7-8 times a day for the past three days. This happened once two years ago...and it was sent to Gateway and came back fixed. However, it doesn't seem worth it to get fixed again, when I could get a new computer that won't need to be fixed for some time (hopefully). This presents a dilemma. What kind of computer should I get. The MacBook Pro, while I love it, I really do, doesn't seem to be the best choice right now...many have discouraged me since it is so new ("wait for the second run...the first is always sketch"). Do I go with an older mac...which one? Do I stick with a PC (aka ghetto comp)?? ADVICE PLEASE...anyone and everyone!

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