Recital Prep

Those of you who are keeping track know that my masters recital is coming up this Saturday. I don't know why nobody told me that a mostly Carter program would really hard to keep up. But for future reference, it is. I'm mainly just going through stuff slowly making sure my hands really know what they are doing...because there are a lot of (pretty hard) notes to play...like all the time. Yikes.

So, if you are in the area you should stop by Duncan Recital Hall on the Rice University Campus at 3pm on Saturday January 26th for a fun show featuring:

  1. A New Piece by Jairo Duarte-Lopez called Ekphrasis sobre "El Miedo" de Tanguy.
  2. Both of the Carter Figments for Solo Cello (#1: for cello alone, #2 Remembering Mr. Ives)
  3. Enchanted Preludes for Flute and Cello (also by Carter and featuring the spectacular Hilary Abigana)
  4. The Carter Sonata for Cello and Piano (with the show-stopping Patti Wolf)

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Hilary said...

OMG.... we were so awesome