Nervous Breakdown?

I just got back from Mexico this evening...due to an unfortunate/fortunate series of circumstances the next few days in my life are going to be some of the craziest ever I think. My recital preview is this Tuesday, so I need to bring back all of my Carter Shit to working order (plus brush up on Jairo's Piece which I'm recording in a few weeks??? maybe?) and learn Plylar's Piece (which he says is quite difficult)...all before Tuesday. I also need to be entertaining Heather the entire time (which will be a joy...of course)...it just makes things a bit trickier...but maybe I'm blowing this all out of proportion and it actually won't be that bad? I guess I'll find out soon enough. Things I'll be doing with Heather:
  1. Hanging out and having fun.
  2. Going to the Rothko Chapel and Menil Gallery (I've never been..oops)
  3. Going to the Galleria.
  4. Having a reading party?
  5. Eating at good food establishments like House of Pies.
  6. Going out to other fun places. Duh.

I canceled my teaching on Monday to make sure I could fit everything in. I don't want to look like an idiot at my preview so I really need to do some quality practicing. Starting a few weeks ago, oops. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, I did have everything ready to go before break. Whatever, now I'm just rambling and typing out my crazy thought process and publishing it online. That's stupid.

I'll have more to say about Mexico later. Maybe.

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Hilary said...

You had everything ready to go a few weeks ago? Really? Seriously?

Cause the Enchanted Preludes was PEEEERFECT!

Umm.... no......