Heading Out...to Mexico

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! yay!!!

As you may (or may not) have read at my mom's blog...we are having a different kind of Christmas celebration this year. For what seems to be becoming a yearly tradition, I played (along with Alison, Jake + Kara Bancks) for a bilingual midnight mass in Logan Square. Its pretty fun even though its kind of late. This morning we drove down to Chinatown and had "Christmas Lunch" at a Chinese restaurant. The food was very good and then we stopped at Joy Yee's for Mango and Strawberry/Kiwi bubble tea...yum yum...

Then it was in the car and off to Milwaukee (I can feel Heather's presence near me...however I'm sure she is quite busy with the fam on Christmas and I'm seeing her in a week anyways). After some hotel room boredom we braved the ice fields (aka parking lots) and walked over to the movie theater next door to the La Quinta and saw Juno...I kind of loved it, but I don't have much to compare it to in terms of movies this year...I'm confident to say it was my favorite, but I only saw like 3 anyway. Wait, maybe 2.

Our flight leaves at 7am for Puerto Vallarta so the iPhone (yes, thats right, I have an iPhone now!!!! thanks parents + uncle) is set to 4:20am...I guess the airport is very close, so good thing we don't need to get up any earlier than that!!!


kimberlyfitch said...

You got an iPhone, I got a Video Camera.... what dreams have not been fulfilled?

Heather said...

Kimby coming to Houston next week!