In Case You Were Wondering

I was supposed to play my preview this afternoon...but due to cosmic circumstances Patti (my pianist) came down with the flu or something or other and to my surprise (since most of my recital is solo) Mr. Fischer decided to forgo the whole thing and do it after break! Lucky me I suppose...I am happiest about not having to play the Carter: Enchanted Preludes...that shit is hard...and we sounded kind of heinous...but I don't have to worry about it now!

I'm playing a gig tonight at a church...its actually the same Vaughn Williams: Fantasia on Christmas Carols that we just played in chamber orchestra. That should be fun...I hope. I'm all dressed up in my tux right now! In case you were wonder that is...which you probably weren't.

Classes are over, except orchestral repertoire which seems to go on forever...we had our review class today (even though classes are over) and we have our final next week (even though this week is finals week)...it all kind of confuses me...but I'll just go along with it anyway. I played much better in class today than I should have.

I'm starting to think hard about summer...does anybody have any suggestions...I still have until the 21st to decide about Tanglewood (although I've basically said no...but I still feel like I should go for some reason...aghh!!!) I'm starting to think about just moving to LA right away...but I dunno if I will be able to...but I just kind of want to get things started!!!


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