List Of Things

When I haven't written in a while its always easier to update with a list! So here you go.
  1. Just finished my orchestral repertoire final...it was torture as usual including excerpts from Mahler 5, Brahms 4, Tchaikovsky Serenede for Strings, and Mozart 39...yikes...its over...and I only have one more semester of orch rep to go!!! yay!!!!
  2. I need to make a recording now for summer festival audition...that should be exciting...
  3. It has been very cold here...and by very cold I mean like 40's and 50's...I do realize that I used to endure much colder temperature than that all the time...but now, to me, this is very cold.
  4. I'm going back to Chicago on Friday, then a few days after that, I'll be off to Puerto Vallarta...should be exciting.
  5. I played in the Woodlands Symphony last weekend...it was fine, thank you, and the Woodlands (along with all of the Houston suburbs) scare me.
  6. Big Love Season 2 is on DVD...so watch it.
  7. I guess I don't really have that much to say after all.

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