A List For You

  1. I am giving a short presentation in class tomorrow on Earle Brown
  2. He is very interesting.
  3. I just made a handout to give to the class.
  4. And now I'm burning a CD of listening examples.
  5. Tonight I recorded with the U of H Orchestra.
  6. It was a piece called Astral Blue.
  7. Tomorrow I am playing on their concert.
  8. Today somebody asked me to contract a gig for them.
  9. I was surprised since I've never done that before.
  10. But I said yes.
  11. I need to practice more.


Heather said...

Make SURE you charge extra (and enough!) for contracting a gig, especially if you're playing for it. It takes time and work, and is ANNOYING. Something I should have learned earlier. I pass the wisdom to you.

OhMyTrill said...
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