Big Week

Weeks like this don't come around very often in the life of OhMyTrill, but once in a blue moon they do appear. This week is good because it involves several money making opportunities, but those opportunities also make this week a very busy one...yikes. Monday night plus Tuesday and Wednesday mornings will find me in Beaumont, TX playing Peter and the Wolf with the Symphony of Southeast Texas on 4 (count em) children's concerts. Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights will find me in The Woodlands, TX playing Ein Heldenleben and Ride of The Valkyries with the Woodlands Symphony Orchestra (which for those of you keeping track i basically a chamber orchestra...so we'll see how that goes). Friday night is our orchestra concert here at Rice!!! Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra performs Barber Symphony No. 1 in One Movement and Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2...a very long program of lots of cheese. I'm sitting in the hot seat again and I have a one measure solo (in typical OhMyTrill fashion) in the Barber...so you should come and see if you can pick it out!!! Yay!

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