I have not been keeping up with this thing at all lately! Yikes. Basically my life right now consists of preparing for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra audition. They have three openings for cello (which doesn't happen very often in orchestras) so the chances are higher that people may actually win a job there! I took this audition once before, about 2 years ago, but admittedly, I didn't really work very hard for it and was eliminated in the first round (they didn't even have me play all the first round excerpts!) This time around I have been working really really hard...all that stuff you are supposed to do to (practicing with metronome and playing for people and freaking out about every tiny little detail)...so we'll see if that has anything sort of effect on how I do! At the very least I will most likely be happier with the way that I play!


Anonymous said...
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sara ballance said...

yaaaay, i will see you soon!