The Week in O(h)M(y)T(rill)

Its a new week here at OhMyTrill...and there are several things of note happening! First of all, a very close friend of Carrie Bean (she doesn't have a website, so I can't link to her...) is staying with me for a few days. He is taking a lesson with Mr. Fischer and will be hanging around until Thursday morning. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with him for 3 days, but maybe he'll just practice a lot...

Tonight there will be a chamber music concert with Lynn Harrell playing the second Brahms Viola Quintet (with the big cello solo at the beginning)...I haven't really gone to a lot of chamber concerts while I've been here, so I should really make that change...its tonight at 8pm in Duncan.

This Wednesday is the Fischer Studio Recital (at 8pm in Duncan)...yours truly will be performing both of the Carter Figments for Solo Cello...I think I have the first one pretty well down, but the second still has some kinks to be worked out...but its going MUCH better today than it ever has, so I have high hopes for it going well on Wednesday! I think there is some Dvorak and other stuff on the program too...so be there.

This weekend is orchestra concert time...Symphony Orchestra is playing Don Juan, Dvorak Carnival Overture and Beethoven 5 on Friday and Saturday...and yours truly is playing in the Chamber Orchestra on Sunday (look for me waaaaaaay in the back...bring binoculars if you can)...we are playing Ives: Three Places in New England, Mendelssohn: Piano Concert, and Mozart: Symphony No. 36


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