X-Files: Seasons 1-9...Trust No One

Approximately one year ago, I began receiving Season 1 of the X-Files on DVD with the intention of watching the entire series in order (I know, who much more nerdy can you get?). Last night, I watched the 9th Season (and series) finale. I took me about a year to get through the entire show, watching it on and off, sometimes 5 episodes a day, sometimes 3 episodes a month...but I made it. Its a unique show in that it really has only two characters...everyone else is only a guest star (except in later seasons when David Duchovny leaves the show and is replaced...)

Seasons 2-7 represent what the X-Files really is...the overarching storyline about alien abduction and invasion...alien/human hybrids and secret government conspiracies to cover it all up. I was surprised to find out that these episodes (which x-files is really known for) only show up about 4 -6 times a season...the rest are all stand alone episodes about creepy monsters that go on rampages (or whatever else the writers came up with for that week). Sometimes these creepy crawlies show up again, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes X-files is hilarious...classic episodes like the roaches that kill everyone, or fake aliens abducting people but end up getting abducted by real aliens while in the process. Sigh...to watch it all over again...

But the X-files is really about the relationship between Mulder and Scully, and how it grows (or doesn't grow) from season to season culminating in Season 7 (probably the strongest season) when the show really pushes it to the front. Unfortunately, season 8 is probably the worst season...hmph...

If you get the chance and have the time, try watching the whole show in order from start to finish...its really pretty great.

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