I've currently re-fallen in love with my (not-so) new MacBook. This afternoon I was chatting with Morgen, and for the first time discovered three-way video chat on iChat (picture at left). What other crazy-amazing things will Apple come up with? My infatuation brought me to the apple store this evening where I purchased a new bag/sleeve for my MacBook...the only one that was sort of a bag, but not the price of one (they went up to $200...mine was $30)...actually, I think it was the cheapest one...but it has a pocket for other things, and that pocket fits music and folders perfectly...so I can carry this bag around from class to class and leave my bigger one in my locker...um, yay?

I also couldn't restrain myself from playing with the fun new Apple products...I was introduced to my friends iPhone last night...and have decided that I really need to get one...maybe I'll do it when I graduate? I feel like there is some way to justify it if I just use Internet on my phone and don't pay for it wherever I'm living at that point? I can just figure it out later...I wasn't aware that there was now an iPod Touch...which is just an iPhone without the phone part...it even has Internet...so why not just get an iPhone? And I really don't like the new nanos...they looks short and stubby...I much prefer my cute sleek little black one.

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