More from IKEA

I think that I officially have a problem...I have gone to IKEA four times since I've been to Houston...and yesterday, I went twice in one trip...I went through once and paid, and brought the stuff to my car, and then I went back in and went through again. But I'm sure that all of the things I bought will help breath some life into my semi-unfurnished living space (also known as my apartment)...I am now the proud owner of two LACK bookcases, all sorts of curtains and fabric, and a million odds and ends. Now I just have to put everything together. Tell me what you think.

The two bookcases will go next to each other in the living room (I'll move the big Janus shelf from The Container Store to my bedroom and it will become the home for my music) the heart shaped pattern will become curtains covering my washer and dryer...they had it displayed with the hearts upsidedown at the store, and I didn't eve realize they were hearts then...I think I will do it that way...and the blue panel curtains will go behind my bed.


Heather said...

LOVE the blue panel curtains - very nice.

Weird hearts - but I think you'll make it work.

Oh, you make me so jealous, with your job, and your steady paycheck, and your fancy new stuff! :-) Can't wait to visit and see it all.

OhMyTrill said...

I'm having second thoughts about the hearts...but I'm sure it will be fine. well, maybe.