CFP Day 1

The first rehearsals for the Concert for Peace (CFP) went very well today! At an early morning Schubert rehearsal we got through the first movement, and worked a bit on the 3rd...and at our afternoon Brahms rehearsal we got through the entire piece (with work mainly on movements one and two)...I'm sure that is all very exciting to you guys...to CCE: I'm realizing that we took some pretty crazy tempos, since I thought I was taking the 3rd movement of the Brahms under tempo for rehearsal, and then everyone in the group told me it was way too fast....hmmm...I guess we also worked on it for over a year though.

I also think the trio to the third movement of the Schubert Quintet is really strange.

Its nice to be back in Houston and not have to worry about school at all. I just have two rehearsals a day, and then I get the rest to hang out and visit all of my old spots...have already been to favorites: House of Pies, Mai's, RA Sushi, and Miyako...I think tomorrow I will pay a visit to IKEA to see what I can bring back to my place with me...and maybe the Galleria as well...just so I can remember what being in a real mall feels like...

And I recieved word today thay my couch is ready to be delivered!!! Hope they can swing by on Monday morning!

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