Hello/Goodbye Houston

  1. Updates have been sparse because internet connections have been also.
  2. The big West Coast trip is over...both concerts went fine...plenty of fun was had by all...you can ask me in person for all the details.
  3. It took me forever to get back to Houston yesterday...but it was like a sped-up recap of the whole trip...flew from Portland to Oakland (and got to see really nice views of the the whole bay area!) and then stopped in LA for a second and then on to Houston...almost everywhere I stopped in for the whole trip!
  4. I spent all of today zooming around Houston...Mr. Volvo is back and in top condition (thanks to Volvos Only!) and bags are packed and the car is ready to be filled.
  5. Tomorrow morning Steph and I will try and make it to Blythville, AR...the next day we will drive to beautiful Wilmette, IL where will spend one day...on Tuesday we will drive to Rochester, and on Wednesday we will drive to Boston!
  6. I will have been to both sides of the country (including the middle!) in six days! I think I'll probably be pretty tired though. If only we stopped in NYC, I could claim going to the four biggest cities in the country! Oh well...
  7. Traveling is fun...most of the time.

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