Driving: Day 4

Today me and Steph listened critically to Popular (from Wicked). Steph decided to keep a list of all of the characteristics that in Glinda's mind, make you popular. Items such as "good at sports" and "proper poise" made the list. I thought we should also make a list of the things that keep you from being popular. The only two were "brains" and "aptitude." Hmmmm.

Day 4 of driving was just as exciting as the previous three, except today we were only in New York and Mass...we saw the scenic Berkshires (where I will be living for the next two months) but took a brief detour to the home of Karou S (to drop off Steph!) and to Boston (where I am staying with Heather!). We had a lovely dinner at Tasca. Too bad my visit is so short (seems to be a theme these days!).

Tomorrow I fly solo and drive to Northampton, MA and Clinton, CT and Willimantic, CT where I will be meeting up with the parents.

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