Spring Break

Its Spring Break down here at Rice...I didn't even realize it was coming so soon, so I didn't make any plans...and now I'm finding myself with a whole week and nothing to do...no gigs or anything. I'm just teaching a few sectionals at T.H. Rogers and thats about it!! Things that need to get done:
  1. Practice Dvorak Concerto a lot for the Montgomery Symphony Cello Fellowship...I need to make this tape soon!! And I don't have a recent recording of Dvorak, so I'll do my best!
  2. Learn Paganini Variations on One String...I'm gonna play this for the Houston Tuesday Musical Club Competition in April.
  3. Memorize Jairo's piece...I might use this for the above mentioned competition as well, and everything needs to be memorized for it.
  4. Decide what else to put on the Montgomery tape...Dvorak plus two other works...I'm thinking the Carter Sonata...but what else?
  5. Clean my apartment.

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Heather said...

Bach. You should do Bach. Dvorak, Carter, and Bach. Doing all three on one tape proves how you can be a diverse playing and be splendid at all types of music.

And I MUST - MUST hear this Paganini on one string someday!