No Fun

It has been horrendously gorgeous here lately in terms of weather. Now that I've lived here in Houston for almost two years I can kind of feel where the seasons actually begin and end (since when it gets down to 60 in the winter I actually feel cold now...sorry Rochester, Boston, Chicago peeps). I had the perfect amount of snow for this year...snowed on day (very lightly) on Thanksgiving when I was home, and then a few days when I was home for winter break...it was nice to see it a few times and not have to deal with it afterwards!

That all being said, I have managed to get mildly sick despite the amazing weather. I'm not really sure where this came from...I was sitting outside having a latte with friends (it was 75 and not a cloud in the sky) and everything was right in the world. Even stopped by a $1 clothes sale (although I didn't find anything for myself)...but then, later in the afternoon when we were rehearsing with Susanne Mentzer (in a freezing room...air conditioning is already set on full blast here) and starting getting chills and aches...and then I was out of commission by 10pm (couldn't even finish watching Michael Clayton). Now I'm up at 4am...not really feeling any better or different. I hope this passes soon! I'm trying to drink a ton of Emergen-C and drink a lot of orange juice (and take zinc) but apparently Emergen-C doesn't really do anything after all...but I have a lot of it, so I'm gonna take it anyways.

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