No Country

Last night I saw No Country For Old Men at the Angelika Film Center in Downtown Houston, it was the first time I've been to that theater (and only the second time I've seen a movie in Houston!)...I need to get on that don't I? (Its only the 2nd or 3rd movie I've seen since this summer...) I used to see every single 'important' movie that came out (at least once) and now I can only claim to have seen two of the movies nominated for best picture this year (and one of them over a week after the Oscars...oops)...maybe I will make an effort to get to the theater more? But we are now in not-interesting-movie-season...oh well... But anyways...its a pretty great movie...in the really disturbing pea-your-pants way. Javier Bardem deservedly won Best (Supporting) Actor for this performance...he was in nearly every scene of the movie...with his very creepy presence...and his even more creepy hairdo (pictured above). Scary. I kept waiting for that "great moment" in the film...some kind of movie speech or something...but never got one...which, in a way is kind of great...but I also missed it. Although I did jump out of my seat every time that something surprised me. Oh well.

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patrick said...

no country for old men is unassumingly clever…

dumbfounding form a moral angle, but that can be a good thing.