X-Files: Seasons 1-9...Trust No One

Approximately one year ago, I began receiving Season 1 of the X-Files on DVD with the intention of watching the entire series in order (I know, who much more nerdy can you get?). Last night, I watched the 9th Season (and series) finale. I took me about a year to get through the entire show, watching it on and off, sometimes 5 episodes a day, sometimes 3 episodes a month...but I made it. Its a unique show in that it really has only two characters...everyone else is only a guest star (except in later seasons when David Duchovny leaves the show and is replaced...)

Seasons 2-7 represent what the X-Files really is...the overarching storyline about alien abduction and invasion...alien/human hybrids and secret government conspiracies to cover it all up. I was surprised to find out that these episodes (which x-files is really known for) only show up about 4 -6 times a season...the rest are all stand alone episodes about creepy monsters that go on rampages (or whatever else the writers came up with for that week). Sometimes these creepy crawlies show up again, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes X-files is hilarious...classic episodes like the roaches that kill everyone, or fake aliens abducting people but end up getting abducted by real aliens while in the process. Sigh...to watch it all over again...

But the X-files is really about the relationship between Mulder and Scully, and how it grows (or doesn't grow) from season to season culminating in Season 7 (probably the strongest season) when the show really pushes it to the front. Unfortunately, season 8 is probably the worst season...hmph...

If you get the chance and have the time, try watching the whole show in order from start to finish...its really pretty great.

The Truth Is Out There


Music This Week

Performance on DVD

I just watched a tape of myself for my Mind-Body Connection class. We each had to perform for 2-3 minutes in class, which was videotaped. We were given a DVD and had to write a response paper after watching the tape. As most of the you know...I hate watching and/or listening to myself play, so this was really hard for me. (which it is for everyone) I played the first page of Dvorak, which went pretty terribly (although it was 9:30am and I hadn't warmed up). Its always kind of sad to see all of your bad habits on tape...watching me play must be torture sometimes. But, I managed to get through the whole performance and write the paper. Image above is from the DVD!


Wish Me Luck

Today I am taking the audition for the sublist of the Woodlands Symphony...I've been practicing this morning and decided to go with slow movement of Brahms 2 and the noodly thing in the middle of Don Juan...I hope those are good choices! And of course, Dvorak, the old standard. I don't really know much about the Woodlands Symphony except that they are located in a suburb of Houston and they are having a sublist audition today. That would be a very nice list to be on! For the rest of the day I will be doing a deep cleaning of the apartment and Mr. Volvo...things are getting a little out of control. An afternoon of cleaning will take care of business though.


More Teaching

So it looks like I'll be adding another school to my teaching roster...I drove down to La Porte this morning (at 8am) to meet with the orchestra director at the Baker 6th Grade Campus...they need a second cello teacher because they have 24 cello students there! (apparently the school district supplies students with a cello at school and a cello to take home!) I can teach during the day there (and possibly at the junior high down the street) which means that I probably don't have to apply to Starbucks...

Now its back to learning the 2nd Carter Figment in time for my lesson...its getting harder every time I play it, which probably isn't a good sign that I'm practicing it right...I should just slow it down...but the first figment is starting to go really well. Guess I should start dragging out the Sonata...


From School

So...the lesson went really well yesterday...my new beginner is a very eager student and promised she will practice everyday (30 minutes!!). This starting out thing is a frustrating business...lots of little changes that seem like nothing...and that bow is pretty tricky to hold...isn't it?

I need to hit the Carter hard in the practice room today...I'm supposedly playing both Figments in studio class next Tuesday (not today!) and I need to have them in some kind of working order for my lesson tomorrow. I think that this weekend will be a big one in terms of practicing.

Above is a picture of me hiding out in a random corner in school...thats where I'm writing from. I look a little on the tired side, no?


Lesson and Blog

Today I will be teaching my first beginner! I've never started anybody before...but, I know how to play this thing, so I really should be able to teach it to someone else, right? We can start with some basics like plucking the open strings, correct posture, and maybe even an introduction to the bow? This is also my first lesson not associated with a school...wish me luck!

In terms of blogging...please check my links to the right and let me know if you need to be, or would like to be added...I reconstructed my links list from memory, so I apologize if I have forgotten you...

Music This Week

For some reason I was listening to Les Parapluies de Cherbourg constantly this week...I woke up and turned it on, and went directly to my computer to turn it on every time I came in my room...that accounts for all the random French names in the artists this week, including Michel Legrand, who is the composer.



I've currently re-fallen in love with my (not-so) new MacBook. This afternoon I was chatting with Morgen, and for the first time discovered three-way video chat on iChat (picture at left). What other crazy-amazing things will Apple come up with? My infatuation brought me to the apple store this evening where I purchased a new bag/sleeve for my MacBook...the only one that was sort of a bag, but not the price of one (they went up to $200...mine was $30)...actually, I think it was the cheapest one...but it has a pocket for other things, and that pocket fits music and folders perfectly...so I can carry this bag around from class to class and leave my bigger one in my locker...um, yay?

I also couldn't restrain myself from playing with the fun new Apple products...I was introduced to my friends iPhone last night...and have decided that I really need to get one...maybe I'll do it when I graduate? I feel like there is some way to justify it if I just use Internet on my phone and don't pay for it wherever I'm living at that point? I can just figure it out later...I wasn't aware that there was now an iPod Touch...which is just an iPhone without the phone part...it even has Internet...so why not just get an iPhone? And I really don't like the new nanos...they looks short and stubby...I much prefer my cute sleek little black one.

Cremona Family Reunion

Last night I played the first and last movements of the Mendelssohn Octet with four Strad violins and William Primrose's viola. I was invited last minute to the home of a wealthy Houstonite (who's brother is a well established violinist that has played in the L.A. Phil for 28 years). Anyway, these two seem to have a taste for really great instruments (Guido, who plays in the phil was actually able to buy his own Strad by way of some smart investments in real estate and a little bit a luck). I'm unclear on what exactly the point of this get-together was...there were lots of wealthy Houston people there...lots and lots of them...including the president of the Houston Symphony (who gave a little talk about donating to the symphony)...I think the whole evening was about buying these amazing instruments...but for us lowly musicians, it was a one time chance for us to play them.

Unfortunately for me, there were no nice to cellos to try out...but it was still fun playing with all these other instruments...everybody does sound instantly better...a little kid played the flashy first movement from a concerto and when he was handed Mozart's violin to try it a second time, most of his technical mishaps just vanished. The evening went really late...but after reading the Mendelssohn Octet, Dvorak Piano Quintet, and the Brahms B-flat Sextet you'd have to expect that...


Great Debate

I'm not sure if I really want to be applying for the MSM Contemporary Music Masters Degree. Not that it doesn't sound like an amazing program, or that I don't want to study with Fred Sherry, but because its a 2nd Masters Degree. In one year, I will already have a masters degree...and right now, I'm not feeling like I need to be going to school for another two years to get a degree I already have...also since I will most likely need to pay for said 2nd masters degree and try to make a living in NYC at the same time. Not to mention making a pre-screening tape including 2 movements of a concerto and several of Bach and some other stuff...none of which overlaps with the music I am preparing for my recital (and would be audition). And a $100 application fee plus the cost of auditioning...hmmm...it just doesn't seem like its all worth it for something that I don't really want to do that much. I think a certificate or diploma program would be perfect...I looked at the USC grad diploma...its only lessons and ensemble...thats something I could deal with...only problem there is, who knows who the cello teacher is?!?!? And then there are these fellowship programs like Carnegie Hall and New World...but I'm not that excited about those either...maybe I just need to take a year off of school/institutions? Sigh...any suggestions from anybody?


Hurricane is Bust

Tropical Storm Humberto became a hurricane last night before it hit land. But somehow, it completely missed Houston even though it made landfall only an hour away. Not one drop of rain fell, and after checking the forecast, there won't be any rain for a few days! Hmph... I guess Louisiana isn't so happy about it hitting the...they declared a state of emergency before it made landfall, just in case. I guess I'll just have to wait to actually see a hurricane...the season doesn't end until the end of November!


Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Humberto is about 50 miles off the coast (near Galveston). Its gonna hit sometime in the next few hours and will be coming through Houston tonight and/or tomorrow morning. This is my first official tropical weather disaster, so I'm expecting a big production. They say to expect winds up to 50mph and 6-10 inches of rain. I'm not sure if any of this will happen, but it would be exciting to see a big storm tonight! I think flooding is certain no matter what.



Back Here Now

After messing around with wordpress a little big, I realized that you can actually do a bit more with blogger...like put more cool things in the sidebar...only thing is, the templates get a bit annoying...so I'm gonna just stick with this nice one provided by blogger for a while. Hope you guys like it...and give me some input on the order of stuff in the sidebar (to the right).... How come Tuesdays are always so busy? Mind and Body Connection, Contemporary Music Practicum, practicing, Studio Class, and Orch Rep...then gym if I have the energy. Wish me luck!