Whats Going On

I haven't posted in a while...guess this is overdue...here is the current happenings:
  1. Met to discuss possibly quartet concert with ASO friends...program to be Ives #1, Carter #2, and Rochberg #3...its kind of a crazy undertaking...but would be super fun! Estimated concert date sometime in August. Rehearsal all summer.
  2. I volunteered a whole bunch at the AIDS Foundation...as usual.
  3. I got my materials together for my Suzuki Teacher Training applications and recorded all needed materials (and converted my first masters recital from VHS to DVD).
  4. When I assembled said materials and tried to compile some DVDs of recordings...it didn't really go as planned and I scrambled something together to send.
  5. I still need to figure out how to get my two book four favorites onto a DVD (Breval Sonata and Chanson Triste).
  6. Spent some time and my friend Michael's new condo...he has been doing some work getting ready to move in. I mostly just watch though.
  7. Played at the Children's hospital on Friday...it was a quick visit.
  8. Played at the Symphony Designer House twice...its kind of cool...still not sure how it has anything to do with the symphony...but its kind of cool.

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