In Houston

I am finally in Houston. For some reason there are no interstates that go directly from Texarkana (in Arkansas) to Houston, so we had to take this semi-highway that wasn't restricted access...translation: every once in a while we had to stop at a stoplight, and believe it or not, that really adds a ton of time to the trip. We took a tiny detour to Nacoghdoches, which is the oldest town in Texas. It was kind of cute, and you could see how it used to be a little old western town (with wood sidewalks and everything!). Of course today its al modernized with brick streets and cement sidewalks, but you can still see the awnings and balconies of the old west town. Cute! This morning is orientation at the Shepherd School...I skipped the university orientation (and so did the rest of the Eastman peeps...who I happened to run in to in Rice Village last night!) but today is the important one. Then later its time for finishing unpacking and picking up a few items that I need (shower curtain...oops). More later.
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