Things that have happened recently:

  1. Lots of rehearsals Tuesday morning playing pop music (that I think is fun to play...others do not).
  2. Meeting my parents and uncle at the main gate and proceeding to walk back and forth across the grounds SEVERAL times.
  3. Meeting my other uncle and grandmother at the main gate and walking nowhere.
  4. Seeing some of The Soldier's Tale with Carter, Babbitt and Harbison narrating=hilarious.
  5. Dinner in Lenox with the Family.
  6. Performing said pop music in the shed with John Williams conducting.
  7. Waiting outside of said John William's dressing room to take a picture with him.
  8. Having said picture taken (will be posted soon!!).
  9. Driving to Connecticut after the concert=very dark and tired.
  10. Sleeping in a bed and breakfast in Lebanon (conn!)
  11. Ash scattering in Conn.
  12. Driving back to Tanglewood and arriving just before 2pm for a coaching.
  13. Discovering the composer of the piece was at said coaching (Ron Ford).
  14. Sprinting back to Miss Hall's for a NAP.
  15. Back to Tanlgewood for Turnage rehearsal and realizing that Turnage himself was in the audience.
  16. Posting a list in my blog.

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