Heather and I have started a sunglasses graveyard. Near the beginning of Tanglewood I stepped on my sunglasses, which I liked a lot, and broke them. They went on top of my dresser. A few days later, Heather's fell apart, and they too were added to the graveyard on top of my dresser. We took a trip to target and bought new sunglasses (mine were the same kind as before, exactly the same kind). A few days ago I lost my second pair. So naturally, I took a trip out to Target and bought the same pair for a third time. Now it turns out that my second pair was discovered, so I now own two pairs of the same sunglasses. Which probably is not a bad thing since I have such bad luck with sunglasses.


Bloc hornet said...

this happens to me all the time, think I've broke like 5 pairs now, this is why I don't pay alot of money for them lol.

Cheap Myspace Design said...

Haha I do this all the time, and not just with sunglasses! I am very clumsy.

You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses though especially if you are always breaking them as you have stated.

Now you have a backup pair, one less trip to Target!