Quick Catch Up

Things that have recently happened:
  1. On December 5th, I auditioned for and won the principal cello job in my orchestra. There were only three candidates, but they were all very good. I practiced really hard...doing a mock audition everyday, including two at 9am (which is when the actual audition was). It was the most prepared I've ever felt for an audition, and I'm happy with the results (duh)
  2. The following day I played the Messiah at UAPB (University of Arkansas Pine Bluff). Their choir is very very very good, and its always fun to hear them. It is also the most complete Messiah I've ever played...I think they leave out 2 numbers. Maybe 3?
  3. I have been super busy as I have been playing with Sturgis (my usual quartet) as well as subbing in the Quapaw Quartet fairly often. I'll be playing a recital with QQ in January, so we have already started rehearsing.
  4. I went home to Chicago for the first time in several for Thanksgiving. I mostly just practiced that weekend. And I met my parents new dogs: Gus(tav) and Jo(hannes).
  5. I played my first Nutcracker this past weekend. I was a little bit nervous, since it was my first service sitting principal and I had never played the piece before. I think it all went pretty well though. And we only played it twice, so I don't hate it yet.
Things that will be happening this week:
  1. Several rehearsals with QQ (we are playing Shostakovitch 3 and Brahms 1).
  2. Holiday Pops with the ASO (a brand new show...should be fun)
  3. Rheinberger rehearsal at Cathedral of St. Andrew (performing with Drew and Phil in February.
  4. Not 1, but 2 gigs!! This is unheard of for me in Little Rock...
  5. More blog posts? Maybe people will read this if I actually write something once in a while. Hmmmmm...


Da Camera education and outreach said...

Congrats David. It seems like you;re doing great in Little Rock. I'm from Tulsa Oklahoma, so I'm really glad that you're contributing so much to the art scene in that part of the world.

Emily said...

Wo0t! Great to hear it, my friend! And re: the Nutcracker, I have played it a whole lot and still love it, 15 years on. :)

CelloGeek said...

how is your Dungey cello?

Max said...


Guanaco said...

Congratulations David!

Heather said...

Yay! You are a rock star. I am in awe. And a little jealous that you got to play Nutcracker. I'm still waiting for my chance.

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