Quick Summer Update

  1. After the Braun wedding I went home to Chicago for a few days.
  2. Heather came down to Chicago a day later. We had fun.
  3. I received my new Chris Dungey cello in the mail...its pretty great.
  4. Kimberly flew into Chicago and the 3 of us rehearsed for a day.
  5. Then we went to Taste of Chicago...it was fun.
  6. Then we drove down to Arkansas. It was also fun. But a long drive, as usual.
  7. Jonathan Ware drove up to Little Rock, the 4 of us rehearsed for a few days.
  8. Kimberly's and my picture was printed in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette...however, her's was next to a picture from Legally Blond with a woman holding a small dog.
  9. We played two concerts in Little Rock, one at the Cathedral of St. Andrew with Phil) and one at UALR to benefit the AIDS Foundation. Both went fairly well, and we had a pretty good audience.
  10. We parted with Jonathan, and the 3 of us drove back to Chicago.
  11. We boarded a plane to Oregon, and then stayed there for about a week to play 3 concerts in Ashland (Kimberly's hometown).
  12. I got to meet Chris Dungey, he drove down to Ashland to hear me play the new cello and do some adjustments. He is a super nice guy!
  13. We spent a day in Portland decompressing after the many many concerts. I met up with Chris again and he did some minor work on my cello.
  14. The 3 of us parted ways and I flew back to Chicago and stayed there for a few days.
  15. I needed some alone time, so I drove back to Arkansas.
  16. But 4 days later I drove back to Chicago.
  17. K-Huf flew into Chicago, and the 2 of us drove up to Stevens Point, WI for two weeks of Suzuki Training.
  18. We took Cello Book 1 with Jean Dexter...it was a fairly involved course with 28 hours of class + 15 hours of observation + some homework assignments + two optional lectures everyday.
  19. We survived, but we were pretty tired everyday. Coffee in the morning, redbull in the afternoon.
  20. We drove back to Chicago last Friday...K-Huf and I parted ways on Sat...I spent a few days at home taking care of some odds and ends and haning with my parents.
  21. Yesterday I drove back to Arkansas and was treated to dinner by the one and only David Barker. It was a very nice welcome back to Arkansas.
  22. I went to sleep cause I was really tired...and woke up this morning and paid some bills.
  23. Then I wrote this entry. Hope I didn't leave anything out. It has been a crazy summer.

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Thats intense.