Too Much

  1. Made it all the way back to Chicago/Wilmette safely...(stayed overnight in Cleveland)
  2. Spent two days in Chicago...mostly looking at cellos...more on that later...
  3. Drove from Chicago to Batesville, MS to Layfeyette, LA, to Houston...
  4. and then my car broke down after we (me and my dad) pulled up at our hotel.
  5. So we had the car towed to the volvo place, and then we rented a car.
  6. We drove all around Houston looking for a place and then found one that we both thought was too small and not enough kitchen...
  7. and then after looking more decided it was by far the best one, so I took it.
  8. But I can't move in for another day...so I have a car and a storage until full of stuff, and nowhere to put it.
  9. And I need to pick a cello.
  10. and I need to practice for my audition in Arkansas (on Saturday) and I'm not exactly sure which cello I will be using for it...
  11. I've written this one off as a practice audition at this point...since I haven't played for days.
  12. Even though I have practiced the music kind of a lot while I was at Tanglewood.
  13. I miss Tanglewood
  14. I'm kind of screwed...
  15. omg

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