In The Past Five Days I Have:

  1. Recorded Jairo's Piece (in about 2.5 hours!!!). I played OK (wish I could have done some things over again, but we didn't have much time) and there was a lot of traffic noise...hope it turns out ok!!
  2. Went to Java's several times...and ate at Dim-Sum (see Heather???)
  3. Had an uneventful flight back to TX (although it did leave very early) and I got to see the NYC skyline when we flew out of Newark (haven't been to NYC in a while now...)
  4. Played the final performances of the six service gig (Tim Powell's Wedding Mass) out in Baytown. I have officially spent waaaay to much of my life in Baytown now.
  5. Got lost driving to said gig and we were 20 minutes late and the choir applauded us when we entered. How embarrassing.
  6. Taught at TH Rogers...always a joy.
  7. Played my final orchestral repertoire final...and it wasn't too bad (well some excerpts were but surprisingly Brahms-Haydn Variation #5 was good!!)
  8. Dropped by some favorite Houston spots: Mai's, Hans', RA.
  9. Saw Mira play in the Houston Symphony Mahler 2 Concert!! Its an amazing piece...and thats all I'll say about that.
  10. Waited for my Tanglewood assignments and still haven't gotten them.

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