I'm have a very relaxed Halloween this year. No parties, no costume...I just walked Daisy, didn't see any trick-or-treaters...or anybody in costume for that matter. I wouldn't even know that it was Halloween if it wasn't for the fact that today is Halloween. Instead, I hung out with Phil...we went to Buffalo Grill (there was a crazy raccoon hanging out there, excitedly eating berries off of a tree...random), and then saw Cirque du Freak: The Vampires Assistant. I kind of liked it...but I'm sucker for anything with vampires in it. It was cute.

Now I'm hanging out on the couch with Daisy...gonna watch some Dexter and then head to bed. We have a rehearsal for our children's concert tomorrow night...which includes La Mer and the famous cello excerpt...we will only have 6 cellos (5 for one of the concerts) so its gonna be awfully exposed...and joy! I'm playing the top line. So basically, I will be hanging out at my apartment all day practicing (there are a few hard pieces on the concert that I've never played before). I'm glad we are presenting actual music to the kids!



I just got back from dinner with my friend Phil...we went to Pei-Wei, so of course opened fortune cookies. He opened his which said:
"No need to worry! You will always have everything that you need."
And then we were joking about mine being the opposite...and when I opened it, it read:
"Live, think and act for today. Tomorrow may be too late."
That is kind of the exact opposite in my book right? So to make the situation better, I opened a second cookie and the fortune read:
"Try to channel excess energies into rejuvenation." Do you think I should be concerned??