Official Plans

Last night, Kimberly, Sara and I purchased tickets to attend a George Clinton concert in New Jersey during spring break. It will be a crazy couple of days...Monday through Thursday will be spent in NYC auditioning at Juilliard and Mannes for grad school, Friday is back to Rochester for a Musica Nova concert featuring Reich's Eight Lines and works by Annie Gosfield (with the composer in the audience!), then, the next day its down to Jersey for George Clinton (the subject for the final paper of our Music History class) then over to Diane's the next day for he 50th birthday celebration, the following day will be spent in NYC (probably going to H&M) and then it will be back to Rochester so me and Tatiana can rehearse for at least 37 hours a day to be ready for my senior recital 1 week later. Should be tiring/exhilarating/exciting/draining. Can't wait.


Sarabande84 said...

i still can't believe we're doing this. crazy!

paul said...

Good luck with your auditions!